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Water Treatment Equipment
AERATION High Rate Solid Contact Clarifier


The main purpose of the Aeration system is to oxidize humic acids; surface leached organic compounds and soluble ferrous iron compounds to perceptible ferric compounds. It also improves the dissolved oxygen concentration in raw water, thereby minimizing building up of COD or BOD due to stagnation in the raw water storage tank. It simply works on the principles that diffusion of air through falling film water droplets.

Capacities are available from 10 M3/hr. onwards.

High Rate Solid Contact Clarifier High Rate Solid Contact Clarifier

High Rate Solid Contact Clarifier

Techno High Rate Solids Contract reactor clarifiers have general application for Raw Water Treatment and for industrial process. Improved operating efficiencies keep operating costs to a minimum. Solid Contact Clarifier Water Treatment units effectively clarify and soften raw or process water for re-use.

Capacities are available from 10 M3/hr onwards.

Filtration Systems - Turbidity Removal Filtration Systems - Turbidity Removal

Filtration Systems - Turbidity Removal

General turbidity removal at high flows can be achieved satisfactorily down to low micron levels using layered media bed filters. Other specialist media may need to be added to improve polishing with certain waters.

The filtration package is offered in M.S. and Fiberglass reinforced plastic pressure vessels as per client's requirement. The options available are manual and automatic with mild steel or extra-strong engineering plastic pipes depending on applications.

Capacities are available from 5 M3/hr onwards.

Activated Carbon Filter Activated Carbon Filter

Activated Carbon Filter

Techno Activated Carbon Filter effectively removes all contaminants like Organics, Colour, Odour and Free Chlorine from water. Different qualities of activated carbon are used depending on the type of contamination to effectively remove and condition the water fit for use in process as well as for industrial use.

Capacities are available from 5 M3/hr onwards.

D.M. Systems D.M. Systems

D.M. Plant

All water supplies contain dissolved impurities. Many manufacturing and other critical applications require highly purified water. The demineralisation process utilises acid regenerated strong acid cation resin and caustic regenerated strong base anion resin to remove mineral from the feed water.

TAT offers package D.M. System in dual column with or without degasification system and also small trolley mounted units for small industrial as well as laboratory applications.

The company offers standard package units for small flow rate and turnkey custom built plants for larger flow with various regeneration techniques such as co-current, counter current, packed bed, thoroughfare etc to achieve optimum performance.

Capacities are available from 1 M3/hr onwards.



Hard water causes scales in water systems. An ion exchange system is used to remove the calcium and magnesium from the water. The process is low cost, requiring only salt and small amounts of electricity to operate. TAT manufactures package and industrial type of softeners for softening water containing high levels of hardness.

TAT softeners incorporate the state of the art technology design for an effective regeneration to make the ultimate cost cheaper by simplest operation. TAT package and industrial softeners are available in different sizes. TAT also manufactures custom-made systems to treat water having hardness above 2000 ppm, with the strong backup of after sales services.

Capacities are available from 1 M3/hr onwards

Membrane Filtration - Reverse Osmosis, Nano and Ultra Membrane Filtration - Reverse Osmosis, Nano and Ultra
Membrane Filtration: Reverse Osmosis, Nano & Ultra

The membrane technology is advancing most rapidly than any other specification methods. The technology can treat tap, brackish, sea and waste water to produce specific treated water quality for various applications.

Reverse Osmosis is a form of very fine 'filtration' achieved by forcing water under pressure through a 'semi permeable' membrane. This results in a much higher level (up to 99.5%) of contaminant removal than conventional filtration. When necessary permeate water can be economically 'polished with a deionisation resin.

TAT offers package R.O. unit as per clients requirements. Skid mounted land based and offshore.

Capacities are available from 0.5 M3/hr onwards.